Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Robotic massage chairs

A robotic massage chair is a chair that contains internal electronic motors and gears designed to massage the person sitting in them. Most robotic massage chairs have some form of controller to vary the type, location, or intensity of massage.

Massaging chairs most frequently resemble recliners. There are many different types and brands, including office-style chairs that operate from internal batteries. A less expensive option is a separate massaging pad that may be used with an existing chair. Some popular brands are Omega, Takemi Select, Kyokei, Human Touch, Panasonic, SHSS, OSIM, OTO, VGO, OGAWA.

Massaging chairs vary tremendously in price, style and intensity, from cheap "vibrate only" chairs to full intensity Shiatsu models for people who require as close to a real invigorating massage as possible.

source from : wikipedia

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